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The Food, People, Restaurants, Pork Stores, Butcher Shops, Bakeries, and Caffes of Italian-American New York .. Wonderful Recipes and Stories of Italian-American New Yorkers, their Food, Kitchens, and Feast of The Table “La Tavola”


Wow, what a wonderful book. If you love Italian Food and are in to the Italian-American lifestyle and its many fine rituals of kitchen and table then you’ll just love Daniel Bellino Zwicke’s “La Tavola.” The book is filled with many wonderful stories of Italian-America, like a chapter all about the famed Italian-American Sunday Ritual of The Sunday Sauce, aka “Gravy.” There’s a wonderful chapter on SINATRA, and a great one on Italian Wine. This book is filled with many great stories of Italian-America and all involved and through the stories, this book is almost like a guide book in the fact that there are so many facts peppered in the stories. Facts and info on the best Italian Restaurants, Caffes, Bakeries, Pizzerias, Pork Stores and such. The book has some wonderful recipes, like; how to make the Best Tomato Sauce, Pasta Fazool, Chicken Cacciatore, Sunday Sauce, Meatball Parm Sandwiches and all your Italian Favorites. It’s a book of Food, Friends, Family and Love. I highly recommend this one.

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 Question :  Where to get the Best Plat of SPAGHETTI MEATBALLS in New York

 Answer : MONTE’S TRATTORIA on Macdougald Street in GREENWICH VILLAGE 



TRATTORIA MONTE’S   …. Greenwich Village New York




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Beloved Caffe Dante to Close

Yes I’m afraid it’s most likely true, my beloved Caffe Dante to close this month (February 2015) after 100 years in business in New York’s Greenwich Village. It’s rumored that Mario Flotta the long time owner of Caffe Dante will be selling the caffe to a Australian Corporation and it was reported on 1010 WINS Radio News this morning that Dante will be shuttering its doors in 10 days time. This is very sad, especially for me and longtime regulars who have been going to Caffe Dante for 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years for New York’s most authentic Espresso and cups of Cappuccino. I myself have been going there since the Summer of 1985 when I came back from my first trip wonderful trip of many to my ancestral homeland of Italy .. As i’ve been going to Caffe Dante almost evry single day siance 85, I’ve become good friends with the Flotta Family over the years especially Mario Sr. who is almost like a second father to me.
This is such sad news, and all I can say is something I know that most do not, is that Mario bought a building around the corner on Bleecker Street for just such a situation. That being that the landlord would one day raise his rent beyond reason (the Landlord did in 2013), and Mario would just pack up his caffe and move it around the corner. Mario is Caffe Dante, his loves the place like one of his own children, and I know this is the reason he bought the building on Bleedker. Mario told me himself what he would do, and he always wanted the Caffe to continue and for there to be a place for Caffe Dante for his sons, Mario Jr., Anthony, and Peter.
I hope everything all works out, I love Caffe Dante more than I can ever express, it’s without question my second home, and a Greenwich Village without this wonderful Caffe would be that much less of the Greenwich Village that we residients, visitors and tourist from around the country and around the World know.
Story & Photos by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke