OK, so you love Italian Food, “Yes?” Who doesn’t? You may not know how to cook, or maybe you do and want to add some Great Recipes to your repertoire. You may feel It’s high time you learned how to make an awesome Italian Pasta Sauce, “Hey, everyone should know at least one, 2, 3 or more!” But, what kind; Tomato, Marinara, Bolognese? Or maybe you already have a number of recipes, but do you have recipes for; Clemenza’s Godfather Sunday Sauce or Danny Bolognese’s Ragu Bolognese? No, we didn’t think so! How about Gino’s Top-Secret Salsa Segrete from the beloved old New York Red-Sauce Joint “Gino’s of Capri?” Well, now is the time for you to delve into SEGRETO ITALIANO and find rare and Secret Recipes. Learn how to make Italian-America’s favorite dishes, dishes like; Lucia’s Jersey Braciole, Uncle Pete’s Baked Rabbit, Jersey Shore Crab Sauce, Sunday Sauce Italian Gravy, or Serio Maccioni’s original recipe of the World Famous Pasta Primavera.
     Segreto Italiano is a celebration of Italian Food and Italian-America and is filled with countless recipes and wonderful stories of Italian Food and culture, like only Daniel Bellino “Z” can tell. Delight in Daniel’s wonderful storytelling and savor the recipes, the wonderfully delicious dishes of Segreto Italiano. Mangia Bene Tutti!
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SEGRETO ITALIANO – Secret Italian Recipes

SEGRETO ITALIANO is the latest from New York based author Daniel Bellino-Zwicke …  Slated for September 15, 2014 release, exclusively on …
Barnes & Noble and select Book Sellers … Segreto Italiano has been getting great advance press … The book, like all of Daniel’s cookbooks is a collection of recipes that are embelished with stories by Daniel as only Daniel can tell, and which he has become justly famous for … There are tow themes to the book, of which # 1 is there are Rare
and Secret Recipes within the book … Closely gaurded were obtained by Daniel and extensive professional connections throught the culinary and restaurant worlds. The number 2 themed recipes are Italian-America’s Favorite Dishes and Bellino Family Recipes … It is quite a collection, and as Daniel has stated that if peopel were getting just 2 of these secret recipes like; Salsa Segrete and Daniel Secret Bolognese, that people would more than be getting their moneys worth right then and there. But no, they’re not just getting these two rare dishes, they are getting quite a bit more … We agree, and we suggest that you see. See SEGRETO ITALIANO – Secret Italian Recipes & Favorite Dishes, available September 15 on  … Get It!

SUNDAY SAUCE – When Italian Americans Cook


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