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MICHELE Dal FORNO & Author Daniel Bellino-Zwicke
Private Tasting
Dal Forno Wines
The Nomad Hotel
NEW YORK, NY, Oct. 2014
Author / Wine Director of DeGrezia restorante in New York, Daniel Bellino-Zwicke
tasted through an offering of Dal Forno Wines with Michele Dal Forno at a Private Wine Tasting at The Nomad Hotel in New York .
Michele tasted Daniel on the Dal Forno Valpolicella Superiore 2008, Romano Dalforno Amarone 2008 and a 2003 Amarone in magnum as well as Dal Forno Recioto 1197 which Michel says is Dal Forno’s greatest wine .. Funny, we would have thought it was the Amarone.
Daniel really enjoyed all the wines. He loved the Valpolicella 2008 which he said, “at the prices that Dalforno gets for its wines, the Valpolicella would have the best chance of selling, but even being the most inexpensive of all the Dalforno wines, its still quite expensive.
The 2003 Amarone was, “Extraordinary,” Daniel said. It was served from a magnum and quite a treat.
Daniel, said that these wines, “are Trophy Wines,” and are quite expensive. Few people, other than those with heavy bank-rolls could ever drink them.  He stated that a bottle in restaurants goes for anywhere from $650 to $900 a bottle for a current vintage, while older vintages cost more. Daniel stated that he has 4 different vintage Dal Forno Amarone on his list, from $650 to $850 … The wines never sell, too expensive. They sit in the cellar waiting for someone with deep pockets to purchase a botte. Eventually, they sell, for now, they are resting in the cellar. Basta!