Sophia Loren Ragu Scene Sabato Domenica Lunedi

Sophia Loren
Buying the meat on Satuarday to make Ragu Npoletana on Sunday
(In America, Italian Americans call it SUNDAY SAUCE or GRAVY
Look at her Face
She’s Pissed!
Arguing at the Butcher Shop on How to make a proper

Sophia Lorens character Rosa goes into a local buthcer shop (Macceleria) i Naples and orders meat to make her Ragu Napoletana.
She orders : ” I’m in a hurry, give me a kilo of “Annechia (Beef Chuck), a kilo and a half of “Tracchie” (Steak Stewing Meat) and “Locena” cuts and some “Pettola” (Pork Shoulder), two side nerves, and some side and back meat.
Butcher says : “What a Fathead you are. Please listen to me. Just take two “Cervalletine Sausages” and you’ll see what a Ragu (Meat Sauce) you get.
Lady 1 says ” “My God! Cervalleine Sausages in a Ragu?”
Lady 2 says : “And what’s the problem? They’re just fine. Indeed, if togtehr with Anecchia, you just add some Pork Braciole stuffed with raisins, Pignoli Nuts, and Parsley, and you’ll see what exquisiteness .”
Sophia Loren ; “it’s just a matter of taste. There are people who like a thicker sauce and those who like a lighter sauce. A classic one.
Lady 3: “Yes, but you can’t call it Classic Ragu (Sunday Gravy) without a Spuntatine di Maiale (Pork Spare Rib).
Lady 4 says: “No Madame, it depends on the Seasons. In Summer, pork is too heavy.”
Lady #2 says:  “Anyway the secret of a good Ragu (Napoletana) is onions.”
Sophia Loren : We” that is the basis. The bed of the sauce.”
Lady #5 says:  “My mother-in-law, who is famous for her Ragu, taught me that you must first brown the meats without onions.”
Sophia Loren :  “Oh come-on Madame! You’re cursing now!”
Lady #2 : “Excuse me if I’m interfering, but madame is right. Because if you cook the meats and onions separately, the Ragu (Meat Sauce) is more delicate. More refined.”
Sophia Loren says: “So you think that by cooking the meat and onions togther, the Ragu would be more common? I’m sorry madame, but where were you born?”
Lady #2 : “What does that have to do with it? I’m from Afragola.”
Sophia Loren :  “Ahhhhhh!!!! Donna Cecila (butcher lady), are you done?”
Lady # 2 :  “Madame excuse me, but I’d like to know what you meant by that Ahhhh?”
Sophia Loren :  “Did I say Ahhhh? No I just said Ah?”
Lady # 2 : “No you said Ahhhhh, as if you understood it all. But what have you understood?”
Sophia Loren :  “I understood that you come from Afragola.”
Pupella Maggio :  “To be born is a circumstance. You’re from Afragola and it’s okay. Do you feel offended by this? That means that you have a guilty conscience.”
Lady 2 : “Well no madame, I don’t have guilty conscience.
Pupella Maggio : “No, you have it madame. You have it. (screaming)”
Woman 2:  “Madam here had a nasty intenet.”
Sophia Loren : “It’s you telling me who has the more refined Ragu. It’s like telling us all, that we mus come to Afragola to learn refinements.”
Lady # 2 : “Do you see the nasty intent? I’m not wrong!”
ALL of the Women it the BUTCHEr SHOP are YELLING at each other.
Women Butcher says: “Hey! What’s Going On? This is a shop! It’s a respected Butcher SHop! Now I’m gonna send you all out of here!”
The POLICE walk in the Butcher Shop
Carabinieri # 1 (Policeman) : “What’s going on? What are they saying?”
Carabinieri # 2 : “They’re arguing over how to make a Ragu (Napoletana).”
Sophia Loren : “She wants to teach me how to make a Ragu. Come On!”
Lady # 2 : “I can make a superb Ragu.”
All of the Ladies in the Butcher Shop start pushing and shoving each other, and actually hitting each other. This is how passionate Neapolitans can be, when it comes for makinga proper Ragu (Ragu Napoletana or Ragu alla Genovese)
, the recipe, and how to prepare these famed recipes.
For Several Great Recipes
On How to Make Proper Meat Ragu
by Daniel Bellino Zwicke