New York Italian Fried Steaks


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Steak al Palermo

This Steak preparation from Palermo is the favorite way that Palermitani like to eat Steak when they are eating it, which is not all that often. Well not all that often 50 years ago or more when most of the population was quite poor. These days however, it’s a much different story, people have a little more money these days, and can afford a steak dinner every now and then. Though in the past few years with the world’s economy in a downturn, maybe they can’t afford steaks all that much once again. This is one reason that the cut of steak is usually cut from the rump or other cheaper cut of beef. In the recipe here however, we have you using Sirloin Steak, though more expensive, it’s tastier and more forgiving when cooking it. It will be tender, and not tough as a Rump Steak would be. The dish is almost like a Veal Milanese, a famed Northern Italian dish, Veal Milanese which is quite expensive. Besides it being marinated and that it’s beef instead of veal, though similar, the Steak Palmertiano is quite different than it’s much more expensive northern cousin.

Being in the Provencia di Palermo in Lercara Friddi, this dish was known to my Sicilian grandfather, who was so poor he only ate it a few times in his life. In America he could have it a bit more often, which was just once a year, cooked by his wife Giuseppina for Philipo’s Birthday as a special birthday treat. Make it and treat yourself as well every-now-and-then.

4 Sirloin Steaks, cut 1/3 of an inch thick

¼ cup Olive Oil, the Juice of 1 Lemon

3 cloves Garlic, peeled and sliced thin

1 bay Leaf

¼ cup chopped fresh Parsley

¼ teaspoon dry Sicilian Oregano

6 tablespoons red wine

1 cup Breadcrumbs

1 Lemon, cut in quarters

Get your butcher to cut you 4 Sirloin Steaks at a thickness of ¾ of an inch each, and have him pound the steaks flat.

Place olive oil, garlic, Lemon Juice, Oregano, wine, and half the fresh Parsley in a shallow glass baking dish and mix all together. 

Place the steaks in the marinade and let marinate for at least 3 or hours or overnight.

After the steaks have marinated, remove from marinade and shake off excess.

Coat steaks with breadcrumbs on both sides.

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Put 8 tablespoons vegetable oil in a large frying pan that is big enough to cook two teaks at a time. Heat oil to high and add two of the steaks. Cook the steaks over medium-high heat for about 3 minutes. 

Turn steaks over and cook on second side for three minutes. Remove the two cooked steaks and place in a 200 degree oven on a plate or pan to keep warm.

Cook the other two steaks the same as the first two. When all four steaks are cooked, plate onto 4 plates and sprinkle on the remaining Parsley over the steaks.

Garnish each plate with a lemon wedge and serve steaks with a Mixed Green Salad, Potatoes, or whichever vegetable you like.

This Recipe was Excerpted from GRANDMA BELLINO’S ITALIAN COOKBOOK by Daniel Bellino Z – Reicpes from My Sicilian Nonna  …


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SICILIAN & Other Italian Recipes
by Daniel Bellino Z
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